KEEPING UP: 5 Must-Read Industry News Publications for Sustainability Updates

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. For this reason, it’s critical that we keep up with emerging solutions and lessons learned. It can feel overwhelming, but spending a few minutes each day scanning issues for pertinent content can save time and money. And, because we have the power to spread ideas and solutions in a way that starts a ripple effect, choose articles that resonate to share with your friends and colleagues on social media. (We share ours here on LinkedIn.)

  1. Business of Fashion

Over the last decade, BoF has evolved from Imran Amed’s blog (Founder & Editor-In-Chief) to the lastest go-to for global fashion news, with an emphasis on positive change therein. Most content is free, but a Professional account gives access to insider intel.

2. Sourcing Journal

The less-flashy Sourcing Journal reports on all the latest industry facts & research with deeper exploration into raw material sustainability, technology and innovations.

3. Women’s Wear Daily

This long standing industry go-to has begun covering sustainability initiatives more regularly over the past few years. Not a day goes by without mention of a new sustainable brand, tech breakthrough, or event announcement.

4. Fashion United

In addition to the latest fashion sustainability news, Fashion United has a substantial networking platform and jobs/careers section.

5. Fashionista

Fashionista has a notably relaxed tone, but solid insight on trend, impact, and sustainability news (thanks to Sustainability Reporter, Whitney Bauck).

If you don’t have the time or resources for these 5 subscriptions, a great weekly roundup can be found on the GoBlu blog. OR, if you have more bandwidth, you might also check out Ecotextile News for thorough details on textile sustainability news, Just Style for a great roundup of eco-fashion news, and The Frontlash for a more philosophical take on it all, with an emphasis on bringing women’s voices to the fore.

What have we missed? What do you like to read to keep up? Let us know at hello@metawearorganic.com.