Social and Environmental Standards

In compliance with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is the platinum standard for organic textiles, all our factory partners within the supply chain must meet stringent environmental and labor standards.


You’re not just what you eat, you are what you wear. We believe pesticides cause more harm than good, which is why we are committed to GOTS-certified organic cotton products. Organic cotton uses less water and less energy than its conventional alternative. It’s safer for our farmers, our bodies, and the Earth that sustains us. Available through our METAWEAR cotton farm project RESET:

  • Certified Organic (NOP/NPOP)

  • Regenerative-in-conversion to Organic Cotton (Transitional Cotton)

  • Biodynamic Cotton (Demeter Certified) 


During the recycling process, the cotton waste is first sorted by type and color and then processed through stripping machines that break the yarns into smaller pieces before pulling them apart into fiber. The mix is carded several times in order to clean and mix the fibers before they are spun into new yarns, the yarns are then are used for new products.

Organic Cotton


Our soft, breathable proprietary cellulosic fiber from Lenzing Tencel is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees in an efficient, closed-loop system. Our eucalyptus grows with little water on managed FSC-certified tree farms in South Africa. ECOlyptus is both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. However, ECOlyptus is not to be confused with bamboo fiber, also derived from wood pulp, which requires toxic chemicals to strip the bamboo and wastes an exorbitant amount of water. Our ECOlyptus has a luxurious texture and soft handfeel, meeting the consumer’s growing demand for comfort.

  • Tencel™ Carbon Net Zero Lyocell


Hemp is the strongest and longest natural fiber known to mankind. Hemp is naturally resistant to fungus and insects. As such, it does not require any harmful pesticides during its cultivation. Properties include: breathability, high absorbency, wrinkle/piling resistance, and added UV protection.


Mylo™ Made from mycelium (mushroom leather) learn more here.

AGRALOOP BioFibre™  

Transforms left-overs from food and medicine crops into scalable, high-value, natural fiber fashion products, learn more here.



Polyester is made with coal and petroleum, finite resources that require massive amounts of energy for production. Repreve uses recycled plastic bottles from landfill instead. The PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles are collected, sterilized, dried, crushed, and turned into small bits. The bits are then passed through a spinneret to form strings of yarn; this yarn is later wound up in spools and then passed through a crimping machine to create a fluffy texture. Finally, the yarn is baled, dyed, and knitted into polyester fabric. This process takes up to 50% less energy than normal polyester. 


Recover fabric is made from recycled cotton textile scraps blended with rPET fibers. Sorted and spun by color, recover yarns are one idea for closing the loop in fashion. To learn about their innovative recycling process, read more here.



Transforming banana biowaste into biofiber through a circular process.  

  • Organic Cotton Jersey & Blends
  • ECOlyptus™ Blends 
  • Organic Cotton & Spandex Jersey
  • Organic Cotton Denim 
  • ECOlyptus™ Denim 
  • Organic Twill & Voile
  • Organic Cotton Ribs
  • Organic Cotton Interlock
  • Organic Cotton Fleece & French Terry
  • Organic Hemp & Blends
  • Organic Linen & Blends
  • Organic Banana & Blends
  • Organic Cotton Velour
  • Organic Cotton Sweater Knits 
  • ECOlyptus™ Blend Sweater knits
  • RPET Fleece & French Terry
  • Recycled Cotton & RPET Blends
  • ECONYL® Regenerative Nylon 


We are committed to using low-impact dyes and inks that are free of any harmful chemicals. That means no chlorine bleach, no acetone, no formaldehyde, and no heavy metals. Dyed with only sustainable, low-impact water-based dyes (no formaldehyde or heavy metals used) our dyes have been classified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 as eco-friendly.


After manufacturing, we use an enzyme GOTS-certified eco-wash that pre shrinks garments and gives an amazingly soft, luxurious hand feel. This enzyme wash is  environmentally friendly, due to the natural origins of enzymes.


We take into account the entire product by using only post-consumer recycled paper or biodegradable polybags for our bulk packaging.