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Our Virginia-based factory began as a tie-dye only operation, but slowly started vertically integrating to include screen-printing, embroidery and a cut and sew operation. By keeping more steps under the same roof, we’re able to eliminate excess waste in the supply chain, saving time, energy and cost.

Made in the USA

Our factory is the largest textile manufacturer in Fairfax County and employs over 50 people from surrounding areas. We participate in community days and give employees time off specifically for community service. The factory also participates in Fairfax County Jail’s work-release program to help rehabilitate members of the community who have fallen on hard times. Many of these employees have remained on after completing the program.

Green Energy

We use both geothermal and solar energy to power our factory.  A large amount of energy is needed to color clothing because of the heat needed for dyes to cure. CAS figured out a way to do this in a really cool, really sustainable way. Check it out!

Stage 1

Water arrives at the factory a chilly 53 degrees.

Stage 2

Water travels through exposed piping and geothermal air-conditioning units throughout the factory, absorbing the ambient heat and air conditioning the factory- water temp: 65 degrees.

Stage 3

Water moves through a series of metal tubes that are submerged in a 3000-gallon discharge tank that has collected hot water discharged from the in-house laundry facility- Water temp: 90-100 degrees.

Stage 4

Water moves on through coils in a collection tank heated by solar panels installed on the roof of the factory- Water temp 120-160 degrees (and still not one BTU of non-renewable energy used!)

Stage 5

Water is topped off by a natural a gas burner and held in insulated tanks until needed- final temp: 180 degrees.

Eco Effect

Using these methods, our factory avoids an estimated 80 tons of CO2 production per year, which is equivalent to planting over 20 acres of forest or taking 300 cars off the road annually.

Better still, when the waste water eventually leaves the plant, it has such a high PH that it actually helps the local water treatment plant to neutralize other sewage!


Most of the Ink used in clothing manufacturing is full of chemicals that can seep into our skin. Clothing dyes are also one of the leading sources of water pollution worldwide.

Even water-based screen printing, generally touted as eco-friendly, often uses formaldehyde as a bonding agent.

CAS developed SeaInk, a proprietary dye process that uses a seaweed-derived base with no harmful chemicals, PVC, resins, or binders. With SeaInk, we can avoid the harmful impact of standard dyes without sacrificing color vibrancy. We are the first and only GOTS certified screen printer in the United States.

Our Certifications

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

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Made in USA

Our garments are spun, cut, sewn, dyed and screen-printed in the USA. Creating jobs in the US and sustaining American manufacturing.

Cradle to Cradle

The Cradle to Cradle certification process assesses the human and ecological impact of a product, looking at the material used, manufacturing processes, and product lifecycle. Our factory has undergone assessment and produced the first silver-level certified T-Shirt in the US. For more information on Cradle to Cradle, visit their website.

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